15/08/2019 Check our latest preprint resulting from an amazing collaboration with Jose Utrilla’s team at the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico. A method for proteome usage optimisation that requires minimal genetic interventions.

06/08/2019 Our review on resource allocation and phenotypic diversity has been accepted for publication in Current Opinion in Biotechnology, stay tuned!!

16/07/2019 Jose is giving a keynote talk at the Gordon Research Conference in Synthetic Biology (Waterville Valley (NH), USA)

03/07/2019 Jose is presenting at L19EEDS Eco-evo dynamics workshop.

02/07/2019 Umar’s poster has been awarded with the second prize at the Environmental Biotechnology Net Early Career Conference taking place in Sheffield!! Congratulations Umar!!

26/06/2019 Eve has presented her PhD project on quantum coherence in photosynthetic antenna to the Quantum Biology DTC.

16/05/2019 Our review on the genes required for a sustainable PET economy has been accepted for publication in the journal Genes! Open access publication here.

09/05/2019 Umar has presented his work engineering environmental bacteria for PET degradation in the Biochemistry/Microbiology Departmental seminars.

26/04/2019 A preprint of our recent review of PET as a sustainable polymer can be found here.

31/03/2019 We say bye to Manuel, Juhyun and Alex, which have finished their postdoctoral projects. All the best guys!

21/02/2019 Jaime has been awarded with an EMBO fellowship to visit Rolf Kummerli’s lab at the University of Zurich! Congrats Jaime!

14/02/2019 Jaime is presenting his work in the joint seminars between the Dpts. of Microbial Sciences and Biochemistry at Surrey

17/01/2019  Eve and Edeline are attending the kick-off meeting of the Quantum Biology projects on photosynthesis and magnetoception organised by Prof. Alexandra Olaya-Castro at UCL.

23/11/2018  Jaime is the invited guest of the Theoretical and Experimental Evolutionary Biology seminars at the Dpt. of Zoology in the University of Oxford.

09/11/2018   Jose is presenting in the Synthetic Biology UK conference held in London.

12/10/2018    Our paper with Alex Darlington and Declan Bates (WISB-Warwick) on blueprints of efficient orthogonal ribosomal controllers has just been accepted in ACS Synthetic Biology!

01/10/2018    We welcome our newest members Edeline D’Souza and Eveliny Nery who will be joining us as members of the first cohort of PhD students in Quantum Biology!!

20/09/2018    Manuel and Alex are presenting in the 7th General Assembly of P4SB that we are hosting at Surrey

17/07/2018    Former final year student (now graduate) Begoña Lecube has been awarded with the prize to the best Microbiology project for her work in the Synbio lab engineering the central metabolism of Pseudomonas putida.

03/07/2018    Jose has been promoted to Senior Lecturer!!

25/06/2018    Jose has been awarded with a Students Honouring Outstanding University Talent prize given by the Students Union at Surrey!!

22/06/2018    The SynBio summer BBQ is on!! Thanks Juhyun for organising. Pictures to follow.

21/06/2018    Jose is giving a seminar on experimental evolution at the Natural History Museum (London).

15/06/2018    We welcome Gustavo Lastiri from UNAM-Mexico! Gustavo is a visiting researcher that will conduct research on costs of proteome partitions under the umbrella of our collaborative project sponsored by the Newton fund.

13/06/2018    Xenobiology star Dr. Vitor Pinheiro (UCL) is visiting the lab and giving the school seminar.

12/06/2018    Jose is presenting on phage-bacteria evolutionary dynamics at Aston University.

07/06/2018    Jose will be presenting in Synthetic Biology UK in October as a keynote speaker.

23/05/2018    Dr. Alexandra Whale from LGC presents in our group meeting her work on digital PCR in collaboration with us.

14/05/2018    Our lab seminars resume with the visit of Dr. Francesca Ceroni from Imperial College.

02/05/2018    We welcome Macarena Román as a visiting student from the university CEU-San Pablo (Madrid, Spain). Macarena will do a three-month internship in the lab to study mechanisms of phytotoxicity of commonly used fluorescent reporters.

25/04/2018    Manuel and Jose presented in the joint meeting P4SB-EmPower putida held in Mallorca (Spain)

09/04/2018    We welcome Dr. Alex Smith as our newest lab member! Alex is a postdoctoral research associate working on -omic approaches to cellular resource allocation.

31/03/2018    Our book chapter with our colleagues in P4SB has been accepted! Check the manuscript out in our publications page.

25/03/2018    PhD studentships available in the Quantum Biology CDT of which we are part. Lots of potential projects/supervisors including synbio with us. More info here.

16/03/2018    We are in the news! Check out the press release of Juhyun’s paper!!

28/02/2018    We say bye to Fiona Watts. Fiona is taking a lab manager position at Surrey’s Immunology section. All the best Fiona!

15/02/2018    Our Nature Comms paper on orthogonal ribosomes is out of press! (here)

31/01/2018    We are recruiting!! Postdoc position now gone live here. Join us!

25/01/2018    We will soon advertise a postdoctoral position for 6 months to conduct Tn-seq experiments. More info here. Stay tuned!!!

18/01/2018    Our latest preprint resulting from our collaboration with the Bates lab at the University of Warwick is already up in BioRxiv.

17/01/2018    We welcome Umar Abdulmutalib as the newest member of the SynBio lab. Umar will do a PhD studying microbial communities living on oil and derivatives.

12/01/2018    We say bye to Lexie Malico! Lexie is a PhD student at the Williams lab in North Carolina State University. She has spent a few days working with us as part of an ongoing collaboration to engineer bacteria for antibiotic production.

08/01/2018    We are pleased to announce that Juhyun’s paper on dynamic allocation of orthogonal ribosomes has been accepted for publication in Nature Communications!! This is the first results paper from the SynBio lab and the result of an amazing collaboration with control engineers Alexander Darlington and Declan Bates at the University of Warwick. Congrats Juhyun!

27/11/2017    Manuel is presenting at the SBUK2017 conference in Manchester!