Summer memories

It has been a crazy beginning of the semester so my apologies for not having had the time to update the webpage in a while.

We had the pleasure of sharing last summer with many visitors. It was an enriching experience that started in June and finished by the end of September. We had people coming with many different backgrounds and experience: from hardcore theoretical physics to yeast molecular biology and from local high-school juniors to established researchers from exotic countries. Thanks to Ronan Azimi, Elisabeth Lola, Max Cykiert, Jieb Khannapho and Caoimghe Canavan.

The projects were also quite diverse and we learned a bit about cyanobacteria (Jieb), Pseudomonas quorum sensing (Elisa), microbial communities for PET degradation (Ronan), 2D-models of colony growth with cooperation using PDEs (Max), and yeast assembly (Caoimghe). To all of you we owe a big thank you!!

We had a great time and hope to see you around soon!



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