PhD and job opportunities in Systems and Synthetic Biology

This post is for those of you who are early career scientist looking for PhDs or job opportunities. It is a summary of recent adverts from collaborators looking for motivated individuals seeking to undertake exciting projects in the interphase of computational and experimental (micro)biology. Some of them are about to close so you better hurry up if interested!!

This is a PhD opportunity to work with Prof. Rebecca Hoyle at the University of Southampton that I mentioned in a previous post. The project aims at modeling evolutionary dynamics and biofilm growth of ‘social’ pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This is in collaboration with us and, although the main theme is purely theoretical, we expect to conduct some experimental validation in the lab.

Prof. Orkun Soyer at the University of Warwick offers this PhD studentship to work in systems microbiology and synthetic biology. The project aims at developing an artificial closed-loop phototrophic microbial community.

Dr. Reiko Tanaka at Imperial College offers a NC3R-funded PhD studentship to develop a mathematical/computational method to design and optimise a new and promising IFNγ immunotherapy for invasive fungal infection.

Also at Imperial, Dr. Thomas Ouldridge offers a 4-year, Royal Society-funded PhD studentship. The proposed work, involving engineering of nucleic acid analogues of natural signalling and information-processing systems, is experimental in nature. These experiments will complement ongoing theoretical investigations that will be performed with support from other researchers.

Finally, Dr. Moebius at the University of Exeter is recruiting a lab technician to study the evolutionary dynamics of the interplay between bacteria and phage.

Good luck to all applicants!!!



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