We are always looking for excellent and motivated postgraduate students and postdoctoral scientists.

Even though at the moment we do not have any postdoctoral openings we will be happy to discuss other ideas and support for fellowships. For instance, a really extensive list of postdoctoral fellowships can be found here.

We are currently seeking exceptional PhD candidates for our CDT in Quantum Bioengineering. If interested in the interphase between synthetic biology and quantum biology you will find more info here. These are 3-year long fully funded studentships with deadline 9th of April 2018. Candidates for experimentally bio-based projects do not need a strong math or physics background although, given that this is a highly novel and interdisciplinary field, knowledge of calculus and algebra is recommended. For other PhD studentships there is occasionally some support from the Doctoral College at the University of Surrey here.

Interested candidates please drop an email to Jose (j.jimenez at surrey.ac.uk).